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Three boys: ages 10,12 and 16
Age: 42
Height: 5'6
Weight: 145
One daughter: Age 4
Age: 33
Height: 5'9
Weight: 159
Two boys: ages 7 and 9 One daughter: 13 years old
Age: 40
Height: 5'2
Weight: 132
Three daughters: Ages 9, 12 and 14
Age: 37
Height: 5'4
Weight: 138
Highest Weight:  212 pounds

How I feel about the Simply Filling Plan
Jill has asked us to update our profiles for the fund raiser. I completed my training on the Simply Filling Bootcamp 3 weeks ago.  
When Jill first introduced the program, I was intrigued by the Clean Eating aspect of the program, but honestly thought I didn't have
time to tackle something new.  My life is beyond insanely busy. Plus, I am successfully in maintenance with Weight Watchers so why
bother? Turns out, as I learned in training, you can switch back and forth from counting Points to
Simply Filling.  So I will be switching
between the two every two weeks to keep things interesting.  

I am incorporating some of the baby steps Jill recommends so that I am slowly moving towards doing the plan full time. I love that I am
feeding my boys cleaner foods, but I will be more on board with the plan when the
Clean Eating 15 Minute Dinners come out at the
end of the month. I truly don't have time to cook even 30 minute meals some nights. We literally eat the
15 Minute Dinners on the
Portal now 5 days out of the week. Jill has shared 15 or so of the recipes that will launch then and has also revised some of the ones
that are currently on the
15 Minute Dinner plan. I would be happy to share those with you while you wait for the Clean Eating 15
Minute Dinners
to come out on 9/25.

How long on Weight Watchers
I have been on Weight Watchers now for a little over 5 years. I have been overweight my entire life, but I hit my highest after the birth
of my third child.  It took me a little over 2 years to reach Maintenance.  Initially i  was doing great, then backslid a bit during a stressful
time. I'm an emotional eater, and that is something I battle every day.  

What you love most about Weight Watchers
I love that I can eat anything I want as long as I stay within my Points range.  We travel for lacrosse very often.  I usually try to bring
food with me breakfast and  lunch, but it is nice that the plan allows me to go out to dinner with other families while we're at
tournaments.  I actually have other Moms now on the trips asking me what they should order at restaurants.  

What you hate most about Weight Watchers
I am not sure there is anything I really hate about it.  I guess initially I hated counting Points.  I have counted Points now for so long, it
has just become part of my life.  I guess I dislike the fact that, once you get into Maintenance, it is trickier than you think to stay within
that 2 pound range you're shooting for.  But, again, that has become part of my life and it is no longer a struggle.

How much of a role does exercise play in your Weight Watchers routine?
Honest answer?  Not very much.  I walk my dog up and down the hills in my street.  That's about it.  It is actually more grueling than it
sounds. Really

What is Family Dinner like at your house?
Insane.  Hectic.  With three boys that play sports, you between 4-5 practices and games, there is no time for even a 30 minute dinner.  
During the week, we rely almost exclusively on the 15 Minute Dinners.  The recipes are so easy that my boys are cooking 2-3 nights
out of the week. I love the life skills that is teaching them.  Before Jill launched that program, our food bill was extravagant because we
did so much take-out.  I do feel that it is important to teach the boys as they grow, that even on a busy, hectic night, you can get a
healthy meal on the table (or at least a healthy sandwich in their hands to eat in the car).  

I do love to cook, though when I have the time. It is a true passion. And I do think the Family Dinner is important touchstone for the
week. So we have Sunday dinner unless there is a game.  They boys are allowed to bring their friends, girlfriends, whoever wants to
come.  Our dining room table is usually at max capacity of 10.

Biggest struggle with feeding your family
I think I probably answered this in the question above.  Thank goodness my boys aren't picky.  But I will say that we tend to have
dinners on the higher PointsPlus side.  So I compensate by having breakfasts, lunches and snacks that are very low in Points.  Snacks
for me are usually 0 Points fruits or veggies with a low cal dip.

Anything else you would like to add?
I have been a Personal Consultant now with Shrinking on a Budget for 2 1/2 months.  It is by far my favorite part of the job.  I have truly
become friends with many of my participants.  It makes me very happy to know that I have helped someone, even if in a small way.
Highest Weight: 223

Simply Filling - My thoughts
Two words:  LOVE IT!  Although I was successful I have always hated counting Points.  I also don't really like to cook, so the
simple, basic foods on the Power Foods list are what my family eats most of the time anyway.  Jill and Stacey have done an
amazing job though on creating quick and easy recipes that you can use with this plan.  The recipes on the weekly meal plans
are easy and quick. Because I am lazy though (and hate to cook) I am very excited about the
Clean Eating 15 Minute Dinners
coming out at the end of the month because I use the ones we have on the site now about 3 days a week. I know once I get
superfast 15-20 meals in my rotation this plan will be super easy.

I think what I like even more than not counting Points is that I am feeding my daughter healthier foods.  Although I am having to
use the Baby Steps with her and ease her into it slowly, she is doing well with the The
Clean Eating Picky Eater menu for
breakfast and lunch.

How long on Weight Watchers
I have been on Weight Watchers now (off and on) for 3 years. I follow the PointsPlus plan and new it well enough when they
switched to
SmartPoints that I didn't want to bother with the change. So I no longer attend meetings. Once I started the program,
I did stick with it, so I lost the weight in a little over a year.

What you love most about Weight Watchers
I love that I can eat anything I want.  We get together with friends almost every weekend, so it is nice not to be the friend "dieting".  
I obviously save my Weekly Points for the weekend, but I still have to watch what I eat and make smart choices.  During the week,
I try to stay strictly within my Daily Points, even though I run quite a bit.

What you hate most about Weight Watchers
Counting Points.  Arghhh.  But it gets easier with time.  During the week, I almost exclusively Shrinking on a Budget recipes so I
don't have to count Points during the week most of the time.   But during the weekends, I often have to "guesstimate" Points of
something I am eating.  That is why I run. It gives me a buffer for when I'm off with my "guesstimate"

How much of a role does exercise play in your Weight Watchers routine?
It is critical for me.  I honestly don't think I could do Weight Watchers without it.  As I said above, it gives me a buffer.  I don't use my
Activity Points.  When I was still quite overweight a friend dragged me into doing this Couch to 5K program to train.  I
absolutely hated it at first until i realized i was losing more quickly.  Now I am simply addicted.  I am happy to say I just recently
fulfilled my dream of running the Peachtree Road Race, which is a little over 6 miles.

What is Family Dinner like at your house?
Simple.  Basic.  I have the time.  My daughter isn't involved in any super time consuming extracurricular activities yet.  I just  Hate it.  My husband LOVES to cook (and does on the weekends), but he works until fairly late each night, so he
usually warms up whatever we had when he comes in.  I love the 15 Minute Meals.  We use those recipes alot.  I use the Freezer to
Slow Cooker recipes even more.  I'll select some of the more basic and easy recipes off the Shrinking On a Budget Meal Plan.   

Giving Jill a plug here.  My daughter is extremely picky.  So the Picky Eater tips Jill provides with each recipe are a lifesaver for two
reasons.  1) It teaches my daughter that she (in her own way) can eat the things Mommy and Daddy eat and 2)I don't have to be a
short order cook.  Did I mention I hate cooking?

Biggest struggle with feeding your family: My Picky Eater.  I've tried advice from every expert out there.  My daughter was
actually one of the test subjects for the Picky Eater chapter in the 15 Minute Meals newsletter.  Our staggered schedule also makes
things tough because during the week I have to make dinners that can be reheated later.  Fish, for instance, always has to be eaten
on the weekends.

Anything else you would like to add?  
I feel installing healthy eating habit is my daughter is so very important.  And I am teaching her the importance of a strong body.
Highest Weight: 166

Simply Filling ROCKS
I have been doing the Simply Filling plan now for over 2 years.  I am actually the one who suggested to Jill that we launch a
meal plan centered around this super easy program.  The only tricky part about the plan is finding creative ways to use the
ingredients on the list to open up possibilities for more recipes.
Jill has come up with a winning way to make fat free yogurt taste
like sour cream.  She also has a creative way that you can make quick teriyaki sauce and barbeque sauce using Power Foods
ingredients. This opened up my options for recipes hugely!  Hello stir fries!

Seriously, this plan is nothing more than a Clean Eating plan.  If you notice, the weekly Simply Filling meal plans and
Clean Eating meal plans are almost exactly the same.  If you're busy like I am my advice to you would be to select the
Baby Steps program where you ease into the Clean Eating lifestyle over a period of 3 months.  That's basically what I did a
couple of years ago.  I am uniquely qualified to walk you through it!  I gave a lot of the tips in the Bootcamp. I've got your back!

How long on Weight Watchers:
I have been on Weight Watchers for 2 years. I stuck with PointsPlus when they switched to SmartPoints. I am proud to say that I
just recently hit Maintenance.  So if you choose me, know that I might not have years of experience, but I probably can relate to what
you are going through.  I stayed fairly consistent along the way with some minor backslides.  But I got right back on the horse.

What you love most about Weight Watchers
I love that I really don't feel like I am dieting.  I love that is a lifestyle that I know I can continue forever.

What you hate most about Weight Watchers
I loved Weight Watchers until I hit Maintenance.  I thought I had reached the end of the road when I hit my goal weight, not realizing
that learning to maintain the weight is another step in the journey. It took me over 2 months to get to the point where I could maintain
my weight within 2 pounds. I would always be over or under.  I finally found what works for me.  

How much of a role does exercise play in your Weight Watchers routine?
I do a Yoga class at my church 4 times a week.  It is relaxing but more of a workout than most people think.

What is Family Dinner like at your house?
Busy.  With three kids heavily involved in gymnastics and basketball, we have something going on at least 4 days during the week.
I carpool with other Moms so I don't always have to be at practices, but, between the three, I am still usually out of the house myself
that many nights as well.  Practices are until after dinner, so I have time to get quick and easy meals on the table.  

Biggest struggle with feeding your family: Time.  Lack thereof.

Anything else you would like to add?  
For full disclosure, I should mention that once I reached my goal weight, I switched to WW Core (or Simply Filling), I can also send
you a PDF on how to do Simply Filling for free.  You don't have to count Points with this plan.  That being said, I have not been
trained to consult on this plan (we have an active Field Testing right now).  I am also, however, experienced and skilled with both
Smart Points and PointsPlus.  I lost all my weight with these two plans.  The Simply Filling is how I am maintaining.
Highest Weight: 169

Simply Filling in My Life
This fundraiser is for my brother-in-law, so if I make sense for you please select me.  I have, quite honestly, been loosely doing
Simply Filling plan the entire time I have followed Weight Watchers since I tried to stick to the Power Foods as much as
possible.  I am big believer in feeding my family healthier foods and setting an example for my daughters, so Clean Eating is
just a way of life for my family. Essentially, this plan involves eating more of the foods that make Weight Watchers a successful
plan.  I contributed heavily to the Clean Eating
Weight Watchers No Counting Points Bootcamp, particularly the
Picky Eater and Baby Step sections.

Think you don't  have time to start something new?  Pick the
Baby Step plan.  I'll walk you through small changes for 3 months.  
At the end, you'll be eating Clean and following Weight Watchers without counting Points.  Between the quick and easy weekly
meal plan recipes and the
15 Minute Dinners, you are sure to find an arsenal of recipes your family will eat.  Once you find
those, this plan is easy peasy!

If the fat-free dairy on the Power Foods list is tripping you up, don't worry.  We'll give you creative solutions to work around that. I
actually provided those tips myself to the Bootcamp.

How long on Weight Watchers
I've been on Weight Watchers now for 20 months.  I lost the 30 pounds within 5 months, mostly using the Simply Filling plan. While I
initially followed
SmartPoints doing Weight Watchers online, I quickly learned that I was loosely following the Simply Filling plan
anyway, so I switched to that plan - and never looked back. Since I use basically the same 15 Minute recipes most days of the week,
sticking to the plan is easy. I can't say enough good things about how much better I feel and how much more energy I have. My doctor
actually asked me at my last annual check-up what eating plan I was following.  Since I lost the weight so quickly, and obviously have a
new outlook on life, I often have people ask me to help them follow the plan.

What you love most about Weight Watchers
I love that it is a lifestyle.  It suits my life.   I know this is something i can continue forever.  Love that I don't have to count Points!  And I
love that my daughters don't perceive my Weight Watchers lifestyle as a "diet". They see me living a healthy lifestyle. Body image is so
critical for young girls.  I see many of my daughter's friends just completely skipping meals because someone told them they were
overweight.  Sad.

What you hate most about Weight Watchers
Nothing really.  Initially, the Points took some getting used to.  But once I learned I could do the plan without counting Points (Simply
Filling), I went to work creating super quick recipes that use the Power Foods ingredients.  I will also admit that initially limiting the
sweets with Simply Filling was tough.  But, again, I just got creative and came up with desserts that use fruits, sugar free jellos,
puddings etc....

How much of a role does exercise play in your Weight Watchers routine?
I do a Body Pump class at my gym 3 times a week and run 2 miles twice a week.  I wouldn't say I am a fitness buff, but there is
nothing like that high you feel after you finally finish that grueling class or run.  That's not to say you won't hear me cursing
the class. Lots of cursing in that class.

What is Family Dinner like at your house?
One of my daughters is a competitive gymnast and the two cheer competitively (meaning year round).  So our nights are insanely
busy.  And my husband often doesn't get home before I leave for carpool for one of the girls, so he'll eat dinner at a different time than
me and the girls. Although I don't homeschool my girls, I was a middle school teacher, so I help two of my girls with their homework
when they get home. I work part-time (soon to be full time) with Shrinking On a Budget.  I have an arsenal of tried and true
Freezer to
Slow Cooker
recipes, 15 Minute Meals and Slow Cooker Dump recipes that I rely on almost exclusively during the week.  I think I
have 8-10 of the freezer meals in my chest freezer as we speak.  Those are lifesavers.  We try to find at least two nights a week where
we can sit down together as a family and have a meal where I don't have to focus on it being "quick". Even then, I have been using the
Shrinking On a Budget Meal Plan Simply Filling recipes.

Biggest struggle with feeding your family
My husband often gets home from work after the girls have go to their activities so we have a staggered schedule. Dinner needs to be
something that I can heat up for him when he gets home. All my recipes must be still delicious when reheated!

Anything else you would like to add?  
I love that I am setting a healthy role model for my daughters by example.  I also love my body now.  I have a curvy, stocky body type
so I will never be "skinny", but I feel strong and well (can I say this here?).... sexy!