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    Clean Eating Simply Filling® - This is the meal plans Stacey is referring to with her fundraiser. With the Weight Watchers
    Simply Filling® plan there is no need to count Points.  You simply eat from an extensive list of Power Foods.  With our quick and
    easy family friendly weekly meal plans and Stacey's Picky Eater friendly 15 Minute recipes make sticking with the plan a breeze!
    The focus is on a Clean Eating diet.

  • Stacey's 5 Star 15 Minute Meal and Freezer to Slow Cooker Recipe Collections make hectic weeknights a breeze!
    (Coming 12/5)

    PointsPlus® - This is the former Weight Watchers PointsPlus® plan. Millions have lost weight using this tried and true formula.
    Each food is assigned a Points value.  You have a certain amount of Points for each day, as well as a Weekly allotment of Points
    to use if you go over your Daily Points.  You even earn extra Points when you exercise. Our quick and easy family friendly weekly
    meal plans and recipe indexes already have the PointsPlus® calculated, making sticking with the plan a breeze!

    We walk you through the basics of the program and give you proven strategies for success. We even provide you
    with free calculators to calculate Points on foods and recipes. All newsletters are already on the Member Portal, so
    you can follow this Bootcamp at your leisure.

    SmartPoints®: To follow the Weight Watchers SmartPoints plan, you must attend meetings or subscribe to Weight Watchers
    online.  Our meal plans, however, make following the SmartPoints plan super easy.  Our weekly meals plans are full of delicious
    recipes designed specifically for the SmartPoints program!

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